Monday, June 4, 2012

2nd Annual Art Tour!

Hello There Art Enthusiasts!

Last year a group of us joined together to make a rather successful Art Tour and Art Sale here in Sussex County, New Jersey.  In fact, it was such a success that we have added a couple more artists and points of interest in the Branchville area.  This year the tour will also take place over two days instead of the original one. So mark your calendars for June 23rd and 24th.  Our studios will be open from 11AM to 4 PM each day.  Check the link and attached flyer because some artists are open both days and some are only available on Saturday or Sunday.

We hope to see you in our studios and hope that you take away inspiration and appreciation for the variety of art we are so passionate about.  Join us as we INCITE ART & CREATE COMMUNITY!

Here is the link for a map of our studios.,+Sandyston,+NJ&daddr=111+Rte+560,+Layton,+NJ+to:32+Church+Hill+Rd,+Branchville,+NJ+to:34+Broad+St,+Branchville,+NJ+to:7+Mill+St,+Branchville,+NJ+to:22+Wantage+Ave,+Branchville,+NJ+to:85+Hyatt+Rd,+Frankford,+NJ+to:42+Card+Rd,+Wantage,+NJ+to:21+Card+Rd,+Wantage,+NJ+to:346+County+Road+565,+Wantage,+NJ+to:37+Plains+Rd,+Frankford,+NJ&hl=en&geocode=FbZwdQIdZtiK-ymtVgsGLl3DiTHZCwvuz7wjZg%3BFXnndAIdS0SK-yk5vhEpnWfDiTGIvc8QMNUvLQ%3BFS3gcwId20SL-yl5alMnuGjDiTFwhmVCTZJ5iQ%3BFe7VcwIdNm-L-ykjBRKfz2jDiTEnrskZSiI_vw%3BFSPUcwIdBW2L-ympLi8Jz2jDiTGuw02r8fe36w%3BFW3ecwIdgmuL-ym_CAGaxWjDiTEXgY1FbIPWQg%3BFTZpdAIdgfyL-yn7y4AMvWnDiTF0ovWB6Puy7w%3BFXoLdQIdtT-M-yn5F4kQGULDiTFSWNbXOR2fkw%3BFWX5dAIdYDiM-yk9wy7uGkLDiTGmb3j1KzmQaQ%3BFZYmdAIdEpWM-ymd5fQMM2rDiTGJtx6RfUVjJA%3BFUWycwIdWfCL-ynR3rIWNGnDiTGoO1QIQHT3cw&aq=1&oq=22&sll=41.19364,-74.753036&sspn=0.218819,0.340919&vpsrc=6&mra=ls&ie=UTF8&ll=41.203714,-74.747887&spn=0.213361,0.340919&t=m&z=12&dirflg=d

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Common Thread Art Show and Sale!

Well with the art tour behind us and the fall weather upon, we are all preparing for the busy holiday season ahead.  We at Common Thread have collect a group of 12 artists that represent a wide variety of art mediums from painting and photography to recycled art and unique birdhouses for our first Christmas Show and Sale.  All of the artists will be under one roof at Wayne Card's home work space.  It is a unique man cave that will be set up with affordable art and one of a kind pieces for sale.  We hope you will join us from on November 19th from 10AM to 5 PM to browse our collection of work.  Some of the artists will be available for questions and comments about their process and work.  For directions go to Facebook at Common Thread Art Studios.  You can also find them at local stores like George's Wine Shop in Branchville and The Chatterbox Restaurant in Augusta.  Thanks and we hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thank You Art Tour Visitors!

Well, it was unanimous among the 9 participating artists - THE ART TOUR WAS A SUCCESS!  Thank you to all of you who came out and visited our studios and took the time to learn what we are all about.  Some artists had work for sale and many visitors were happy to make some one of a kind purchases.  Keeping your comments in mind, we will be having a single location art sale in the fall.  You can stop by and see our new work, purchases unique gifts for your friends and family and even invite your friends to come with you.  We hope to see you there.  In the meantime, enjoy the warm sunshine of summer!

Blue skies,
Claude and debby

Monday, June 13, 2011

Map and Addresses of Art Tour Participants

If you are not in the area and wish to visit us, please feel free to download and print the maps and addresses below for all of our participating artists.  We hope to see you soon!

Unfortunately, one of our artists has had a conflict and will not be available on the day of the art tour.  Please cross off George Lane #6 on our map.  Perhaps he will be able to join us next year.  However, we're sure you will enjoy visiting the other studios and artists.

Friday, June 3, 2011

All Roads Lead to the Art Tour

Well, not really but here are some maps and addresses to help you find us.  We are getting very excited about the Open Studios Event and looking forward to meeting artists and art lovers who come out to see us.  Here's the information you need but, we recommend that if you have a GPS system to use that too.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

To Apply:

Please contact either Claude or debby via e-mail @ or
our cell phones:  Claude 973.271.4718
                             debby 973.534.0357