Sunday, February 27, 2011

Claude Larson

Since I was young I have had an attraction to fabric.  My mother and grandmother were both skilled seamstresses who took the time to introduce me to sewing.  Throughout life I progressed through many stages of sewing.  From making doll clothes, my own clothes, curtains, eventually our childrens' clothes and finally to traditional quilting, I fed my desire to be near fabrics.  I dabbled in other mediums as well, but always returned to sewing.  About four years ago, I was introduced to ART QUILTING from a classmate in a graduate course.   This creative marriage of fabric and all other media both common and unique has become a creative pursuit that has consumed most of my artistic energy for the past several years.  With experience with traditional sewing skills and the freedom to recklessly abandon these rules and guidelines, I have discovered my “IT”.  I feel as though I have arrived at the artistic outlet that I will follow for as long as I make art. 

As an artist, I am in what I consider my infancy.  I have no formal artistic training and apart from an absolute love of art and an incredible desire to make art for my own satisfaction, I proceed wherever my heart desires.  I have abandoned patterns, rules, traditions and basically anything that sets restrictions to my work.  This free flow of ideas has filled me with possibilities and thoughts that float around in my subconscious until they are ready for creation. 

I have posted several examples of my work in the gallery.  I hope you will take a look and hope to come visit during our OPEN STUDIOS TOUR in June 2011.

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