Sunday, February 27, 2011

debby D'Aries

I have always imaging myself being artistic, even as a child.  As a teenager in the 60's, I explored art through my teacher's eyes, building a foundation of basic skills that I still utilize today.  As a young mother, I sewed and created with my boys on my lap.  At a certain point, I decided I needed to focus on a single artistic concept and that choice was custom designed stencils.  At that time, there were not even stencil supplies available, so I learned to 'make do' with what was. (This was before  the internet and AC Moore!)  I needed to convince potential clients as to WHY my stenciled artwork would be an enhancement to their home and lives. 

Fast forward thirty years: the business I created in my kitchen developed into a successful interior design team of several talented women that helped me live my dream.  We traveled all over New Jersey, including several other states and a good time was had by all.  My clients gave me the opportunity to explore my creative side of faux painting techniques, handpainting, murals, interior painting, visual and color coordination and accessorizing. I paid 'my dues' for thirty years by being very dedicated to my clients and their decorating visions.  I would never exchange all that experience for all the money in the world.

Now as life changes gears, I am able to blossom into the artist that I used to imagine as a child.  I create RECYCLED ART, using items that are normally just tossed out.  I have a vision for my salvaged debris that will one day become a unique piece of art made by my hands and comes directly from my heart.  I am again, living my dream as I live my life as freely as I am, with immense support from my beloved husband, family and friends.  I am so blessed to be sharing my dream with so many people that have come into my world. 
                             Life is good!

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