Monday, June 4, 2012

2nd Annual Art Tour!

Hello There Art Enthusiasts!

Last year a group of us joined together to make a rather successful Art Tour and Art Sale here in Sussex County, New Jersey.  In fact, it was such a success that we have added a couple more artists and points of interest in the Branchville area.  This year the tour will also take place over two days instead of the original one. So mark your calendars for June 23rd and 24th.  Our studios will be open from 11AM to 4 PM each day.  Check the link and attached flyer because some artists are open both days and some are only available on Saturday or Sunday.

We hope to see you in our studios and hope that you take away inspiration and appreciation for the variety of art we are so passionate about.  Join us as we INCITE ART & CREATE COMMUNITY!

Here is the link for a map of our studios.,+Sandyston,+NJ&daddr=111+Rte+560,+Layton,+NJ+to:32+Church+Hill+Rd,+Branchville,+NJ+to:34+Broad+St,+Branchville,+NJ+to:7+Mill+St,+Branchville,+NJ+to:22+Wantage+Ave,+Branchville,+NJ+to:85+Hyatt+Rd,+Frankford,+NJ+to:42+Card+Rd,+Wantage,+NJ+to:21+Card+Rd,+Wantage,+NJ+to:346+County+Road+565,+Wantage,+NJ+to:37+Plains+Rd,+Frankford,+NJ&hl=en&geocode=FbZwdQIdZtiK-ymtVgsGLl3DiTHZCwvuz7wjZg%3BFXnndAIdS0SK-yk5vhEpnWfDiTGIvc8QMNUvLQ%3BFS3gcwId20SL-yl5alMnuGjDiTFwhmVCTZJ5iQ%3BFe7VcwIdNm-L-ykjBRKfz2jDiTEnrskZSiI_vw%3BFSPUcwIdBW2L-ympLi8Jz2jDiTGuw02r8fe36w%3BFW3ecwIdgmuL-ym_CAGaxWjDiTEXgY1FbIPWQg%3BFTZpdAIdgfyL-yn7y4AMvWnDiTF0ovWB6Puy7w%3BFXoLdQIdtT-M-yn5F4kQGULDiTFSWNbXOR2fkw%3BFWX5dAIdYDiM-yk9wy7uGkLDiTGmb3j1KzmQaQ%3BFZYmdAIdEpWM-ymd5fQMM2rDiTGJtx6RfUVjJA%3BFUWycwIdWfCL-ynR3rIWNGnDiTGoO1QIQHT3cw&aq=1&oq=22&sll=41.19364,-74.753036&sspn=0.218819,0.340919&vpsrc=6&mra=ls&ie=UTF8&ll=41.203714,-74.747887&spn=0.213361,0.340919&t=m&z=12&dirflg=d